Texas Roofing Repair

Water Damage, Wear and Tear, Causes of Sagging Roof ShinglesWhen was the last time you took a good look at your roof? Between animals and elements, as well as poor quality roofing companies, roof damage is common in the DFW area. Your roof may be leaking, or high winds might have blown off shingles or flashing. Damage could be more serious as well, including sagging or damage from a fallen tree branch. If you have roofing repair needs, Green Leaf Roofing is your premier roof repair provider.

Roof Repair Contractors

With our fully insured roofing contractors, you be pressured and prodded into roof replacement on a project that requires a repair. After all, many cases of wind damage and leaks can be repaired without needing a complete installation. We’ll provide you with all the available options when you schedule a free roof inspection with us so you can make the best decision structurally and financially.

Preventative Maintenance Options

The worst damage to roofs in North Texas is caused by climate change, but with preparation and knowledge, you can avoid the need for major roof repairs. Whether you have a new roof installation or a newly repaired roof, consider Green Leaf Roofing’s preventative maintenance option. We offer a yearly roof inspection and maintenance that can ease the pain of a larger project caused by the rapid changes to temperature and elements for which Texas is known.

We’ll identify any potential damage and repair minor roof problems before they eat into your pocketbook. This also assists in keeping manufacturer warranties current, and it helps you remember the need for an annual inspection without needing to think about it!

Premier Dallas Fort Worth Roofers

Call Green Leaf Roofing today to learn more about our free inspections, roofing repair services, and preventative maintenance program, or contact us here. We’re available to assess your roofing needs and work with you to create a plan!