Flexibility & Savings – Elastomeric Coat Roofing

Home and business owners alike appreciate the value of maintaining the conditions on the exterior of their homes or businesses. When you notice your roof is becoming compromised, your first thought is likely to see if you can take steps to prevent further damage. Rather than pay for sometimes costly roofing repair services or purchase roofing supplies that may not be necessary, consider an elastomeric roof coating.

What is Elastomeric Roofing?

The technical explanation of Elastomeric coat roofing is that it is a rubberized roof paint that provides protection to foam and other roof types to create a long lasting, protective surface.

A clearer explanation is that it is a fix that allows you to keep your roof longer without making expensive repairs. This coating can prevent a roof from suffering further damage, including cracks, holes, and leaks. It can also add longevity and cosmetic appeal to a roof that has otherwise been aesthetically compromised.

Why Choose Elastomeric Roofing as a Solution?

Having your existing roof coated in elastomeric roofing can help you:

  • Save money and make a wise investment for your building
  • Resist UV rays
  • Hold up against ponding water
  • Waterproof your roof instantly on installation
  • Stay flexible to avoid damage in freezing weather
  • Cure against adverse conditions
  • Be applied in a single coat

Trust GreenLeaf Roofing to help you determine if elastomeric roofing is the best possible solution for your application. Our reputation and customer service are as important to us as your roof is to you. We’ll always keep your best interests in mind. Call today for a free estimate or with any questions our roofing installation experts can answer for you!