R Panel Roofing – An Alternative to Conventional Roofing

Sometimes, the cost of certain roofing repair solutions are prohibitive, and depending on the situation, there can be alternative methods that save a great deal of money. For example, R Panel is a low maintenance roofing product that offers an unconventional option that is just as good without exorbitant costs.

How R Panel Roofs Work

R Panel roofing is a way to retrofit a new product over existing composition shingles. This saves on the cost of disposal and the labor that goes along with it. It also takes less time for a quicker project completion. This roofing repair alternative is low profile and versatile, making it a perfect choice for applications that might otherwise be difficult to repair.

Aesthetically Beneficial for Residential Roofing

Especially when dealing with cosmetic damage to an existing roof without a lot of structural damage, R panel roofing works well. The energy efficient, commercial grade steel comes in a wide variety of designer colors that look great on your residential or commercial roof.

R Panel resists:

  • Hail
  • Wind (up to 140 mph)
  • Fire

And may even be a solution that saves on the cost of your insurance. Take advantage of new options if your roof is damaged in a way that calls for some special attention. Let GreenLeaf Roofing contractors help you define if R panel roofing is the right fit for your project needs!