Gutter Installation & Repair

GreenLeaf Roofing has seen it all when it comes to gutters, and we’re experienced in repairing and replacing gutters with all types of problems, including:

  • Leaking
  • Sagging and hanging
  • Clogged
  • Rusted
  • Overflowing

These problems often start small but quickly grow into an issue which can impact other areas of your home, including soffit, fascia, siding, and foundation. GreenLeaf Roofing provides the greater Dallas area with gutter installation and repair services that help protect your roof and the rest of your home from water damage.

Why Gutters Are Important

Your gutters protect many other parts of your home, including your roof, siding, flower beds or gardens, and foundation. Gutters collect water from roofs – which are meant to shed, and not hold water, as a general rule – and direct it away from the property.  Because the North Texas area has primarily clay soil, repeated water penetration around the foundation of buildings eventually causes cracking and shifting.  While most North Texas buildings eventually need foundation work, gutters are one of the single most effective solutions to prevent foundation shifting, collecting and moving water away from the immediate perimeter of your home or business.  Not only do gutters help prevent foundation problems, they protect your building’s exterior (soffit, fascia, & siding), help to manage erosion, and add resale value and curb appeal to your home.

Common Gutter Problems

Overflowing Gutters

Your gutters may be overflowing during the typical Texas rainstorm because they are clogged. Poorly placed downspouts or those that are too small can also be to blame, especially if your gutter system isn’t cleared of debris like fallen leaves and dirt often.  Another diagnosis may be gutters that were installed at the incorrect angle, preventing water from draining properly.

Preventative measures include installation of gutter guards, which are installed over your existing system (typically anywhere you have a lot of leaf debris).  These come in a variety of materials, brands, and styles, including screens, foam, helmets, and mesh.  You may also need additional or oversized gutters and/or downspouts to help with increased water flow. This can also help keep gutters from sagging or hanging from the weight of backlogged water or debris blocking the flow.

Rust and Leaks

If your gutters are rusty, it probably means you have galvanized steel rain gutters and should consider seamless aluminum gutter installation.  When you have a leaking gutter system, GreenLeaf Roofing will assess the problem and determine whether a simple gutter repair will resolve the problem, or if you need to replace part or all of the system.

Sagging or Detached Gutters

Gutters may be sagging or detached for several reasons, including gutter hangers that need replacement, rotted fascia, weight from clogs, age- or weather-related wear and tear, or improper installation.  (Remember that gutters should have a slight angle downwards when installed properly!)  GreenLeaf Roofing can diagnose and repair or replace gutters or problems areas to ensure your gutters work effectively for years to come.  We’ll get you a free estimate for a cost-effective solution, and have you on your way to better gutters in no time!

Gutter Types

Because each property requires specialized solutions, GreenLeaf Roofing offers custom gutter installations for all types of building, from homes to businesses.  These include:

  • 5″ Seamless Aluminum Gutters
  • 6″ Seamless Aluminum Gutters
  • Commercial Aluminum Box Gutters in a variety of sizes
  • Half-Round Gutters
  • K-Style Gutters (the most common style for residential properties)
  • Round Downspouts
  • Lots of color choices
  • Specialty materials
  • …and more!

If you notice overflowing gutters in a heavy downpour, that’s a good indication you should consider installing larger gutters.  6-inch gutters are a great option for residential buildings where the roof is large (relative to the capacity of the gutters) or at a steep angle.  6-inch gutters carry almost twice the volume of water of a 5-inch gutter – perfect for those buildings needing to shed a deluge of water in a Texas thunderstorm.

Gutter Installations

All installations include your choice of any standard color, custom on-site fabrication, turn-key installation, magnetic sweeping for metal debris, haul-away and disposal of all trash.  With options for every property and budget, make GreenLeaf Roofing your first call for gutter replacements and installations.