Multifamily Unit Roofing

Not all Texas roofers have the skills, quality workmanship, or confidence to repair and replace roofing on multifamily units. At GreenLeaf Roofing, our professional roofing contractors are able to work on roofs for apartments, condos, and other multifamily residential properties.

Obstacles in Apartment Roofing

Because units are attached, the task of tackling a roofing installation for an apartment building can be daunting. However, our expert contractors can accomplish the smallest repair or the largest roofing replacement job without hesitation. Sometimes, only a single unit needs the roofing replaced, and we can determine the best way to handle roofing repair and installation for such a specialized project to meet your budgetary needs.

Preventative Maintenance

Multifamily buildings can also greatly benefit from our preventative maintenance services. We offer annual inspections to identify potential problems and repair them before they become major issues that can be costly to correct. Consider signing up for our scheduled maintenance service to avoid large repairs and the need for multiple roofing installations across several buildings in your complex.

Regardless of the age of the roof in question, we can make repairs to multifamily unit roofs, if the structure is still sound. No job is too big or too small for GreenLeaf Roofing, so contact us today for a free inspection and estimate on your condo or apartment roofing needs.